Working with CreateSpace

I’ve uploaded the copy files and the cover to CreateSpace and now I’m waiting to see if there are any big problems with the formatting or sizing.
The CreateSpace system is amazing in the way that it takes you through the process but as with all new skills there are still some things that stump you. As “Pacing for Pain” is a niche book about an aspect of pain management it is not a large volume. It makes 137 pages in all so I chose a small trim size, 5.06″ x 7.81″ (12.852 x 19.837 cm), which is a standard for paperbacks here in the UK.
The most confusing aspect was the cover. I had a pdf file of a cover designed for me but the CreateSpace requirements were full of margins and bleeds. I imported their template into Photoshop Elements and tried to make the back cover and spine a matching colour. And add some blurb while not getting in the way of the margins.
So I have really no idea if the file I have uploaded will pass scrutiny but I’m hoping for the best, then I can order a proof copy and see what it looks like.
The small amount of work I have done in looking at book design has really opened my eyes to how standardised books are and how complex a simple book can be. It’s important to get this right as we instantly notice when something is not right and books have evolved over hundreds of years to suit our eyes and reading habits.

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