Pacing for Pain

Pacing for Pain, my new ebook for people having difficulties managing activity when they have chronic pain, has sold three copies! I’m delighted, really, because I suspect most books or ebooks don’t sell any copies. So I’m working on a marketing programme.

Smashwords’ Founder Mark Coker has written several ebooks about how to be successful in publishing and they are full of great information. One of the benefits of Smashwords is that it delivers to all the major ebook retailers, lenders and libraries so your work can get a wider distribution. It’s important that people know they can get your title in the format they prefer and there are many, although a few dominate in percentage terms.

Buy Pacing for Pain NOW from Smashwords

Pacing for Pain on Kobo

Pacing for Pain on iBooks

Pacing for Pain at Barnes and Noble

Pacing for Pain from Oyster Books

Pacing for Pain from Flipkart

Pacing for Pain from Overdrive

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