Pacing For Pain on Smashwords!

pacing for painFinally done it! “Pacing For Pain” is now published on Smashwords and is available in all the major ebook formats. The Smashwords system is very easy to use and there are several very useful (and free!) ebooks all about getting the best out of your ebook. So I’m a fan.

While I love Scrivener for the writing and research I have come over to simplicity. Smashwords prefers you to upload a Word file so that its conversion engine (The Meatgrinder!) doesn’t mangle your precious manuscript. So I abandoned ideas of this nice font or that spacing and went for Times New Roman all the way through with Arial for headings. And kept the font sizes to 12 for body of text and 14 for headings. I think the guys and girls at Smashwords are right, your ebook needs to be simple, clear and legible so nothing gets in the way of transferring ideas from your mind into the mind of the reader.

My writing is about text, there are few images, and this means that it really suits the simple ebook format. So my next ebook, which will be about knee replacement, will be ALL written in Times New Roman and 12pt text until it’s edited and polished and finished. Then at the last moment I’ll define the styles for the heads and subheads and I’ll be done!


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