Ebook Publishing

I’m rushing slowly towards the publication of my first ebook. I now have all the requirements, a cover image, the text, the illustrations and some idea of how to do it all. There’s a lot of detail to watch in ebook publishing as I have said.

However, modern systems allow all of us to publish something if we have the interest. There are no gatekeepers now. We don’t have to persuade someone in a publishing company that our work is good enough. Looking at how many very successful authors had their work rejected regularly it’s clear that this was a competitive and often inaccurate process.

I’m thinking I might use Smashwords as they process the submitted file into the various formats required by the variety of ebook sellers. The more sellers offer your work the better, initially I thought I’d just do Kindle but now I’m converted to a wider market.

So things to do: proof read the (almost final) draft, check the paragraph styling, check the fonts, check the cover image, output from Scrivener into the ePub format which suits Smashwords, validate the ePub file, and hit the publish button. And some other stuff too.

I’ve got until the end of this week (12th December 2014) to get it published. Since the ebook is about pain I don’t think the Christmas market is going to be big for me!


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