Creating a Press Release

When you become an author and start to format, publish and market your book you realise just how many things there are to learn so you can do the best job of it.
I thought press releases were old hat and for sad corporate announcements of who had taken on which tedious job but it turns out it’s not quite like that.
Press release companies appear to be alive and well and prospering on the net. After a look around I chose a free press release service (it can cost you loads) from They have a ton of useful information about how to format a press release and what to include and what not, with character limits to stop us prattling on.
With the promise of the search engines indexing these releases and the fact that they stay up there on the net once they are released, I wrote one for the release of Pacing For Pain. Here it is.
Dustjacket Books Publishes “Pacing For Pain” On Smashwords and Kindle

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