My name is Jonathan Blood Smyth and I’ve been a physiotherapist since 1982. Now I’m semi-retired from active physio but still have a strong interest in pain management, joint replacement and rehabilitation.

I live in Exmouth in South-west England, a beautiful maritime coastal town and my flat overlooks the marina. My brother owns the local shellfish business producing tons of mussels every week and I spend one to three hours a day driving the van delivering around East and South Devon.

Otherwise I’m an author with a few ebooks in the pipeline and an interest in playing the guitar, Victorian pressed glass, health issues and art.

My Interests and Sites


To contact me by email – Use my first name, first second name (!), second second name followed by AT “G” mail DOT com, I reckon you can work that out and it hopefully avoids spam.

You don’t need permission to snaffle anything on this site and use it as you wish, everything is uncopyrighted.